November 27, 2013

NeoStrata Moisture Infusion 24 HR Hydrating Serum - the perfect winter layering piece!

Much like you layer clothing to stay warm, layering your skin care can be an easy and efficient way to get the moisture your skin needs when the cold weather hits. My combination skin always starts to veer to the side of normal/dry but if I use anything too heavy, I break out! So rather then trying to find a more moisturizing cream I've been adding a moisturizing serum underneath my regular lotion and the result is perfectly balanced skin! Which one have I been loving?

NeoStrata Moisture Infusion 24 HR Hydrating Serum - 30ml - $37.75 - addresses the need for powerful, instantaneous hydration without the heaviness of standard creams with this light-textured serum that is easily absorbed. It infuses the skin with an intense hydration that is both instant and long-lasting to address the need for both immediate and all day moisture.

With a super-complex of ingredients comprised of glycerin, trehalose and sodium hyaluronate - four times more hydrating than hyaluroic acid and increases hydration by 112% after only 2 hours; as well as EXO-H - an exopolysaccharide rich in essential minerals, such as potassium, sodium, magnesium and calcium; and Litchiderm - a lychee extract with strong antioxidant properties that protects skin against environmental aggressions - combined, these ingredients help maintain an optimal barrier function, preserving the skin's ability to retain moisture and hydration levels.

I've been using the serum all over my face and then adding a bit of extra moisturizer just in the dry bits - and it works great. When I use both all over my t-zone ends up looking oily so avoid doubling up in any oily prone areas. Come the warmer months I can see myself replacing my moisturizer with just this - it's so light it will be a great hot weather option!

Available at major drugstores across Canada.

- Lisamarie -

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  1. Your skin sounds similar to mine in the winter! I'll have to check this out soon :)


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