June 26, 2014

Test Driving - La Roche-Posay Substiane [+] Serum

As the years go by, you'll notice that skin loses volume and gradually becomes thinner and more fragile. Looking for some visible improvements for these issues? Then you need to check out:

La Roche-Posay Substiane [+] Serum - 30ml - $78 - fights overall loss of volume in mature and sensitive skin with a light, non-greasy gel-based formula that creates a rich, creamy, melt-in texture that easily penetrates skin to get to work quickly.

The formula combines the efforts of LR2412, a derivative of jasmonic acid which protects the skin's barrier function and Pro-Xylane which recreates skin's density deep down - together creating a brand new way to restore substance and structure to the depths of skin cells for skin that is denser, feels full to the touch and is re-plumped, radiant and comfortable.

This all sounds great so we had a few of our lovely readers test it out and tell us what they really think...

Lynn - 64 - It was very smooth to apply, with a light, pleasant fragrance. It DOES have a rich, creamy, melt-in texture that easily penetrates skin. The claim is that skin feels denser, feels full to the touch, and is re-plumped, radiant and comfortable. and I am delighted to say I agree! My skin DOES feel denser and comfortable, and I am 64 with skin that seems to be less firm to the touch, and certainly less 'dense' than it used to be. I am very happy with this product and recommend it to anyone with these issues.

Lisa - 43 - The texture of the serum was lovely, light with no discernible scent. It absorbed instantly, prepping my skin for any additional moisturizers. My skin felt extremely soft and smooth. I noted subtle improvement to the skin's tautness along my jawline and neck during the 3 week testing period. Though not specifically recommended, I even found this serum gentle enough to use under my eyes and noted this area appeared generally smoother. In addition, it acted as a great primer before any makeup application. The bottle size made it convenient for travel (and I did bring it along on a trip to San Francisco!) and the pump applicator delivered just the right amount of product

Rajbinder - 38 - I have started to notice some volume loss in my face, particularly in the cheek and naso labial fold areas.This product claims to restore substance & structure deep within the skin cells. After 2 weeks of use, I can't say I've noticed an incredible difference, however, my skin does feel more radiant & feels somewhat full to the touch. I believe with continued use I will be able to see a substantial improvement with the plumpness in my problem areas. Oh, my skin does look softer!

- Lisamarie -

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  1. Too bad that I'm too late to be a guinea pig. I'm 40 and Hydraphase SPF30 has been part of my daily routine in the last few years as it is very gentle to my skin, but I never think of La Roche Posay as an anti aging brand. I will definitely consider this one!


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