June 20, 2014

The Private World of Mary Tripi Salon is ready to give your hair the SHOCK of it's life!

If your hair is still suffering from the winter and spring-that-wasn't blahs - feeling dry and brittle and looking dull and lackluster then a big SHOCK (treatment) is just what it needs!

I recently visited The Private World of Mary Tripi Salon to try the treatment myself and it was a little more involved then I was expecting. After washing, a solution is applied to the hair to open up the cuticle, then under the dryer you go for heat to help along the process. After cooking for awhile, that solution is washed out and an intense moisture treatment is added and back under the dryer you go. More cooking, more washing and finally a solution to seal the cuticle back up and add shine goes in, more cooking, more washing and ta da - one quick blow dry later super soft and shiny hair is revealed - Winter? What winter?!

Even all the waiting time under the dryer isn't boring - you'll have lots of time to take in the funky atmosphere, admire the cool decor and do a little people watching and chat with the super-friendly staff - although I do maintain that waiting time in a salon is meant to be occupied with reading the kind of trashy magazine that I would never actually buy because it's meant to be read in the line at the grocery store or during beauty treatments!

The treatment will set you back $100 and your hair will thank you for it so book your own SHOCK at The Private World of Mary Tripi Salon which you will find at 890 Yonge Street in Toronto - 416-968-3303 - www.marytripi.com.

- Lisamarie -

1 comment:

  1. This treatment sounds amazing.
    & that salon looks freaken adorable!
    Great suggestion will have to read up on this :)


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