May 29, 2015

Women's Rogaine - combats hereditary hair loss with an easy to use foam!

If a women's hair is her crowning glory then the 1 in 4 women experiencing hereditary hair loss are not feeling so glorious at all... Luckily they can now turn to:

Women's Rogaine - 2 x 30g - $69.99 - 2 month supply, 2 x 60g -  $109.99 - 4 month supply - with a 5% minoxidil topical, once-a-day foam formula that features an innovative bio-delivery system designed to break down with body heat to deposit actives on the scalp to help regrow, thicker, more beautiful hair in as little as 12 weeks.

Sadly, there's a good chance that you and I will need it, nearly half of women will suffer from hereditary hair loss by age 50 - it can start in your 20s with a second pear during peri- or post menopause. Luckily the 5% minoxidil it contains is clinically proven to regrow hair in 85% of women - when massaged into the scalp it revitalizes hair follicles and stimulates hair growth for new hair that comes in up to 48 thicker than before.
Hereditary hair loss is evidenced by hair loss that appears as a thinning over the top of the head and widening along the part - just keep in mind that it won't do anything for fine hair, it's just for hair loss. And if you're worried that your hair could be thinning and you might not even know it - your hairdresser is your best friend for that, especially if you have one that you go to regularly - they're in the perfect position (literally) to keep an eye on the problem!

Available now at drugstores across Canada and online at

- Lisamarie -

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