October 30, 2009

Hot Trend for Cold Winter: My Booties Call

It's that season again. You know, the time when the temperatures start to drop faster than you can say "Holy crap, it's cold!" and all you can think of is "how far is my summer vacation, again?", the season we shall not name, which is about 6 months of the year in Canada.

When I used to live in Paris, I did not have to choose between comfort and style while shoe shopping. Style always won. Never mind if my feet were numb because of the cold, I had to look good no matter what. I wore pumps and stylish coats even in the heart of the winter.  Obviously, moving to Canada completely changed this mindset. If my feet are numb here, it probably means my toes are about to fall out, because it's that much colder. So comfort is important, but you can still try to look purrrdy, right?
Thankfully, this season you can be warm and sexy as the over-the-knees-boots are the hottest trend for shoes.

H&M over-the-knee Jimmy Choo design, for the budget conscious fashionista.

A light, neutral taupe color for these flat boots, by Nine West (now on sale for $104).

  If synthetic is a look you go for, the black platforms "Lunia" boots will do for $139, Nine West

The ones I really want but can't get in Canada...by TopShop. Now you can drool..or go to N.Y.C

Zara does it well.

And Rodarte does it better for $3687 which is exactly 3351 pots of Mr Noodles. Screw the noodles, I'll starve and stare at my shoes instead.


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