October 23, 2015

L'Oréal Professionnel Pro Fiber - helps hair damage disappear, and stay gone!

L'Oréal Professionnel Pro Fiber is here for those of you sick and tired of getting a fabulous salon treatment that makes your hair look great, that is until you shampoo at it home, at which time the results are pretty much washed down the drain. Thanks to a revolutionary damage repair molecule those crazy hair-scientists were clever enough to come up with - APTYL 100, those disappointing days are over. Now with Pro Fiber, the APTYL 100 is not only deposited on to the hair, but is anchored deep into the fiber for long-lasting repair - and then reactivated again at home using the shampoo and re-charge treatment.

There are 3 collections that work on different levels of damage:

Revive - designed to resurface hair fiber and provide long-lasting care for slightly damaged hair from demi-permanent colour and mechanical damage caused by heat styling tools - scented with the brightness of citrus and the sweetness of honey.

Restore -designed to repair hair fiber and provide long-lasting care for damaged hair from permanent colour and/or highlights and mechanical damage caused by heat styling tools - scented with a blend of spice notes and a floral touch.

Recover - designed to restructure hair fiber and provide long-lasting care for very damaged hair from multiple permanent colour and frequent mechanical damage caused by heat styling tools - with a rich vanilla scent.

The at-home Pro Fiber routine promotes the long-lasting effects of the molecular complex APTYL 100 on the hair fiber. Each time you shampoo, the unique formula is reactivated - to leave hair looking as soft and shiny as when you left the salon!

Available in the at-home collections are:

Shampoo - 250ml - $27.50 - Revive: untangles hair leaving it healthier, as if resurfaced and feeling smoother and softer; Restore: treats damaged hair leaving it smoother, softer, shinier and easy to comb; Recover: leaves hair feeling extremely soft and silky from root to tip.
Conditioner - 200ml - $28.50 - Revive: instantly nourishes weakened hair fiber for hair that feels stronger, softer and looks silkier: Restore: damaged hair fibers are richly nourished to leave them feeling softer and smoother; Recover: relaxes and softens hair leaving it nourished and reinvigorated.
Mask - 200ml - $28.50 - Revive: revitalizes hair to leave it looking shiny and feeling light and soft; Restore: hair instantly feels softer, looks smoother, silkier and easy to comb and style; Recover: cots the hair fibers for an immediate sensation of deep treatment resulting in smoother hair with a silkier feel that is easy to comb.
Leave-In - 150ml - $28.75- Revive Serum-in-Gel - tips of the hair are instantly smoother and softness is restored; Restore: Emulsion of Serums - hair instantly becomes smoother from root to tip and ready for styling; Recover: Serum-in-Cream - hair length and ends are treated and become radiant.
Re-Charge - 6 x 20ml - $35.00 - use it in place of the shampoo every fourth wash to prolong the results up to 6 weeks.
Having experienced many times the disappointment of having a fabulous salon treatment that was basically washed away the first time I shampooed at home, I was excited to try the Pro Fiber treatment for myself and I visited Lisa at Mosaic Hair Group. I wasn't sure exactly which treatment program I needed but no matter, there's an app for that and Lisa took me through a questionnaire that quickly pinpointed my hair's particular issues and decided that we would do the Restore treatment in the salon but send me home with Revive home products because my hair wasn't super damaged and she figured that the salon treatment would be enough to bring it back to perfection - she was right - look at it - amazing!

At home I just wash and condition with the Revive products and every 4 washes I replace the usual  conditioner with a serving of Re-Charge and my hair still feels as soft as the day I left the salon, looks as shiny and is practically frizz free, even with this stupid weather! It's a very quick and affordable treatment to add to your regular salon visit - takes 10 minutes and costs $25 - $35 depending on hair length.

Available now at  L'Oréal Professionnel salons across Canada including Mosaic Hair Group - feel free to go see Lisa, she's great - at 325 Lonsdale Road in Toronto - 416-482-8899 - there is an Avenue Road location as well - check out their website at www.mosaichairgroup.com for more details.

- Lisamarie -

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  1. I tried it for the first time at my hair salon and loved it. I could see a difference right away. So much that today, I went to buy the treatment to do at home.


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