April 13, 2016

Eye Love Wednesday - Sephora Cushion Glossy Eyeliner

Sephora Cushion Glossy Eyeliner - $23 - a liquid eyeliner that is dispensed through an innovative cushion-like sponge dispensing system that allows the included brush to become fully saturated in rich, pigmented color for the smoothest, most even, and most precise application.

A lot of my problem with liquid eyeliner comes from the pen or marker dispensing too much product causing a mess while applying - so the sponge is a lifesaver for keeping too much liner getting on the brush. My only issue with the brush is it makes a great thick line but I find it really challenging to make a thin one - I'm sure more talented people can do this by the way you angle it but sadly I'm not among their numbers so I think I'm just going to have to hunt down a thinner brush. And believe me, when they say "glossy" they aren't kidding - the liner really shines - so add a little translucent powder on top if you want to tone it down a bit.

Available at Sephora and sephora.ca.

- Lisamarie -

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