February 27, 2017

My latest skin discovery - CARŌL’S by Life Root Healing

I love discovering new skincare - especially when it's Canadian - and these days I have been especially taken with CARŌL’S by Life Root Healing - a Canadian line of natural herbal skincare products - handcrafted in small batches, hypoallergenic and designed for use on even the most sensitive of skin types.

Of course the tricky part in trying new skincare is figuring out if it's going to work for my skin or not so I really love when they offer a discovery kit that allows you to try different products out - which they do:

CARŌL’S by Life Root Healing Complete Facial Kit - $86.90 - includes everything needed for all 6 steps of the herbal facial regime with enough product for 5 to 8 facials, as well as providing enough face cream and under eye cream to last 2 to 6 months (depending on usage) - the kit includes: 120ml Cleanser and Toner, 120ml Witch Hazel, 120ml Face Scrub, 50ml Clay Mask, 50ml Chamomile Rose Face Cream and 30ml Eye Creme.

Step 1: Clay Mask - apply to a clean face and throat - avoid the eye lid area and any other sensitive areas - when the clay has dried completely, wash off with warm water and a wash cloth.

Step 2: Witch Hazel - apply with a cotton ball or pad and wipe face and throat avoiding the eye socket area and any other sensitive area - repeat this procedure using new cotton ball until all signs of the clay have been removed.

Step 3: Face Scrub - spread 2 tsp. onto fingertips and scrub in a circular motion all over face avoiding the eye socket area and any other sensitive area - pay extra attention to any oily areas such as chin and around the nose - rinse face thoroughly and repeat the application of Witch Hazel (Step 2) until the scrub has been removed and face is clean.

Now give the skin a nice steam - place a clean wash cloth under hot water (but be careful that you do not burn your hands or face) - wring the cloth out slightly, and carefully lay the hot cloth across face to open  pores and give them a deep clean - repeat this steaming 2-3 times - when steaming is complete, immediately splash cold water on the face to close pores and increase blood circulation.

Step 4: Cleanser and Toner - apply to cotton ball or pad and wipe face and throat to re-establish the pH of the skin avoiding the eye socket area and any other sensitive area.

Step 5: Chamomile Rose Face Cream - apply to face and neck using an upwards motion.

Step 6: Eye Cream - apply a small amount to fingertips and apply lightly around eye area.

The result is skin that is remarkably smooth and nourished that looks and feels alive - thanks to products that care about the health and beauty of your skin - and as an added bonus, smell great too, like an expensive spa!

Available across Canada at Whole Foods, Choices Market and online at liferoot.com.

- Lisamarie -

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