February 2, 2017

Relax and unwind with Bleu Lavande!

Feeling stressed and looking for a natural way to unwind? The answer is lavender! The scent of lavender is incredibly soothing and calming - and now there is an easy way to get your lavender fix thanks to Bleu Lavande! With an extensive line of lavender products, they have everything from essential oils, to bath and body, to personal grooming products.

I have a new wonderfully relaxing bedtime routine that has me sleeping like a baby - starting with a warm bath with Bleu Lavande Foaming Bath, face cleansing with Bleu Lavande Cleaning Milk and then I slip into clean sheets that have been sprayed with:

Bleu Lavande Linen Water - 500ml - $25 - infuses all of your fabrics with the wonderful calming scent of lavender without staining or artificial fragrances. It's also wonderful on sheets and towels fresh from the drier - spray some on before folding and storing and you will not only have a wonderful smelling linen closet but the scent will linger and still be around when you go to use them.

It also comes in a 60ml size for $5 - making it perfect for travel to turn your Motel 6 into something more like the Ritz!

Best of all, it's a Canadian company, none of your money will be going to Trump!

Discover online at BleuLavande.com.

- Lisamarie -

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  1. I never try these brand. I'm curious!



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