November 3, 2017

Fragrant Friday - fῡme scent lounge

Coty Canada and Hudson's Bay introduce fῡme scent lounge - a first-of-it's-kind re-imagining of the fragrance shopping experience with an innovative and interactive way to try different scents.
If you've ever found fragrance shopping to be a confusing and/or overwhelming experience or just not very fun, you're going to love this - sight, sound, touch and smell are all part of the sensory journey to discover your new favourite fragrance!
Unique non-spray inhalers allow you to explore the different fragrances without overwhelming your  senses. Each inhaler is RFID-tagged, so it can be scanned on the interactive table, displaying information about the brand, the fragrance notes, selection and price.
Still not sure what you want? A playful quiz provides you with custom scent suggestions. memorable, entertaining experiences that allow for the discovery of something new and wonderful.

Open now for your scenting pleasure at the Yorkdale Mall Hudson's Bay.

- Lisamarie -

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