February 1, 2018

Test Driving - DermaWand Anti-Aging Skin Care System

DermaWand Anti-Aging Skin Care System - $119 - includes the device, pre-face treatment, carrying case, instructional DVD and beauty guide - for a non-invasive solution to help soften fine lines and wrinkles and improve skin tone and texture. 

It works by sending out a gentle stream of low level micro-current impulses up to 100,000 cycles per second, to massage your skin, improve circulation bringing oxygen and vital nutrients to your skin's surface - employing radio frequency technology similar to the large clinical machines used by medical and skin care specialists, but with a lower frequency and amplitude, that is safe for daily home use. 

It doesn't require a big time commitment - you can see results with as little as two 3-minute treatments a day. It also doesn't hurt, it's more like a prickling - there are 9 intensity levels that allow you to adapt your treatments to your comfort level - and don't feel like you need to tolerate the pain and use a level higher then what is comfortable - despite the common misconception, things don't won't work faster if they hurt!

The important thing to remember with this, as with any other beauty device, it takes time! You aren't going to see results after the first use or probably even after the first week - I always give new products a month to start seeing something - if nothing is happening even after a month that's a good indicator that it's probably a lemon!

Having been using the DermaWand for about 45 days now I have noticed that my jaw line looks tighter and feels firmer and my crow's feet are much softer - I have heard of people using it on their hands which I had also intended to try but they must have the patience of a saint - the wand covers such a small area at a time that it would take forever to do your whole hand - never mind 2 of them!
As far as the DermaVital Preface Treatment that is included, it's a very nice moisturizer but don't feel like you have to run out and buy more when you run out, you can use the device with any moisturizer, just pick something very hydrating.

Want to see it in action before buying? Check out the video instruction at www.HowToDermaWand.com.

Available now at Walmart, Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Boutiques, Costco and other retailers across Canada. 

- Lisamarie -

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