July 31, 2018

Test Driving - CND Shellac Luxe!

I have a somewhat sad admission to make - I've never had a Shellac manicure before! I like the idea of a long-lasting, chip free manicure in theory but the removal sounded so difficult and time consuming that I just couldn't be bothered. No longer an issue thanks to CND Shellac Luxe - a 2-step system which offers fast and easy removal in just 60 seconds with absolutely no nail damage!
In 65 shades: 50 of them match CND Shellac's most loved colours along with 15 exclusive new brand shades inspired by luxury and high-fashion runway trends: Femme Fatale, Satin Slippers, Aurora, Silhouette, Boheme, Whisper, Brazen Vivant, Chandelier, Grace, Charm, Liberte, Black Cherry, Temptation, Phantom, Wildfire, Masquerade, Oxblood, Decadence, Brick Knit, Lobster Roll, Mambo Beat, Hollywood, Rouge Rite, Dark Lava, Tinted Love, Electric Orange, Cake Pop, Be Demure, Lavender Lace, Bink Bikini, Tropix, Magenta Mischief, Rose Bud, Tutti Frutti, Grapefruit Sparkle, Pink Pursuit, Pink Leggins, Hot Pop Pink, Cream Puff, Romantique, Beau, Negligee, Field Fox, Studio White, Satin Pajamas, Nude Knickers, Uncovered, Unmasked, Rock Royalty, Midnight Swim, Fedora, Dark Dahlia, Black Pool, Indigo Frock, Eternal Midnight, Aqua-intance, Creekside, Blue Eyeshadow, Winter Nights, Palm Deco, Alpine Plum, Ice Bar, Dark Diamonds, Patina Buckle
So here it is after just over a week - you can see where it's grown out from the cuticle but what you don't see is any chips! It doesn't photograph as well as it could but it is also still impressively shiny - without my having added any additional top coat!

Best of all, I can get it removed at the salon when I go to get my next gel manicure or I can wrap my nails in cotton pads soaked in acetone and cover in tin foil for 60 seconds and remove it myself! To remove at home - firmly press on the top of each nail, massage and twist the wrap from the nail while encasing the product within the wrap and gently remove any remaining product with an orangewood stick - easy peasy!

Get your amazing CND Shellac Luxe manicure at salons across Canada - check out www.cnd.com to find one near you.

- Lisamarie -

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