December 31, 2018

Test Driving - Prophecy Cream

Israel's skin care secrets courtesy of Hava Zingboim Cosmeceuticals have finally made their way to Canada with a product that features the first and only way to effectively permeate the skin with hyaluronic acid - without injections:

Prophecy Cream - 50ml - $199 - with a paraben and fragrance free formula (also in a boy version) that replenishes hyaluronic acid topically to lessen wrinkles, improve firmness and elasticity leaving skin looking plump and youthful.

What makes it different from other hyaluronic creams is the micronization process - a breakthrough proprietary process that separates the hyluroic acid molecule into smaller sections of micronized HA which are then easily absorbed deeply into all layers of the skin. Once absorbed, micronized HA molecules bind with 1,000 times their weight in water and act as an inflated cushion, supporting tissue structures that have lost volume, to restore youthful bouncy skin.

I've been sitting on posting about this for a while now because I actually wanted to try it out for a couple of months first since it's so different from anything I've written about before so had no basis for comparison. Sure I've tried lots of hyaluronic acid based creams and they all did a fine job moisturizing, but you don't realize how much better it could be until you try something that takes it to a whole new level! I'm not saying it's some kind of miracle cream that makes wrinkles instantly disappear but what you will notice after using for a few weeks is that skin is so much plumper that wrinkles get evened out, skin feels firmer and looks lifted - and on top of all of that, it really glows!

This will be the best and most effective 30 seconds you spend twice a day on your skin and feel free to layer it with other products!

Available now at select medical spas and luxury boutiques across Canada and online at and

- Lisamarie -

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