March 9, 2010

Hair styling secrets from the Vivienne Westwood Gold Label show at Paris Fashion Week courtesy of Sam McKnight and Pantene!

I know you're concerned that I'm about to give you step by step instructions on how to get this makeup look that you will feel compelled to follow and than wear out in public but I swear, I won't!  Instead, Pantene Pro-V's Ambassador, Sam McKnight, will share his secrets of androgynous hair styling from his stint at the Fall/Winter Vivienne Westwood Gold Label show during Paris Fashion Week!  Vivienne's show explored the world of fairytales through principal boy tailoring, peasant blouses, cloaks and and billowing satin dresses executed in an elaborate multi-hued and printed palette.

Vivienne's muse for the season was Prince Charming and wanted a fairytale prince look for the hair - so Sam delivered a slightly masculine look - bobbed hair with a waffle texture.

Here's how to get your very own prince look:
- Comb Pantene Pro-V Classic Mousse through the hair to add texture then blow dry.
- Part hair in the centre and roughly divide into five sections, taking hair from the upper layer only, about 2 inches above the ear. Braid each of the five sections tighly, starting a couple of inches from the roots.
- Once braided, mist each section with a protective layer of Pantene Pro-V Volume Flexible Hold Hairspray.
- Using a flat iron, work along the braid, from roots to ends, pressing the braid between the plates of the iron to dry.
- Undo the braids and brush through, then gather hair into a loose ponytail, low on the neck.
- Fold the ends on the ponytail under and tuck under the hair at the nape, pinning with bobbypins to secure strongly.
- Finish the look by smoothing over with Pantene Pro-V Ice Shine Mousse on hair from the parting, to flatten the hiar on the top of the head.  Allow loose tendrils to escape giving the appearance of beautiful imperfection.  All the products used can be found at the drug, grocery or mass-market retailer closest to you and are a reasonable $5.99 each.

A no commitment, no cutting bob, how awesome is that!?!

I probably wouldn't recommend the painted on mustache, but hey, that's your call!

- Lisamarie -


  1. I cant stop staring at the horrible makeup :| i know they usually go for crazy stuff for shows, but that's just ridiculous

  2. No, I'm glad the moustache is coming back, so I can keep mine!



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