March 16, 2010

Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Cory Torgerson helps you choose the way you face the world!

I must admit that all of my plastic surgery knowledge comes from TV.  Shows like Nip/Tuck and The Swan - which probably paint a less that favourable view of the industry.  Well I decided it was time to check things out for myself, if not for my own sake, then for Christelle who will certainly be needing some botox really soon as all the scowling she does has given her a great big furrow between her eyebrows - see what a good friend I am?!

I expect plastic surgeons on TV to be attractive, everyone on TV is attractive - but imagine my surprise when I met Dr. Cory Torgerson in person - he could have his own TV show!  Hedgehog hair and a youthful looking face had me thinking this guy must have started med school when he was 12 but Dr. Cory is his own best advertisement for his profession!  His focus is simple - he wants to naturally enhance and genuinely reflect who you are.  He believes in helping people find their true beauty.  Which may sound contrary when spoken in conjunction with plastic surgery but really, it just means that if you are looking for extreme, unnecessary measures, he is not the doctor for you!

A few weeks ago, Dr. Cory was kind enough to sit down with me at his very modern, newly renovated office at 70 Yorkville Avenue and take some time to go over the basics of plastic surgery with me.  He made the concept of it simple by telling me that the key to effective and natural looking plastic surgery is to do the right thing at the right time.  Which led to my question - what is the right thing and when is the right time for it?

In your 20s - 30s - You'll know it's the right time when you start to see the early signs of aging such as sun damage.  You no longer look as fresh in the morning.  Your cheeks lose their fullness.  The right thing - injectables to help plump the skin back up in the cheek and chin area, botox for the expression lines and lasers (but not for dark skin) for the age spots, freckles, acne scars, rosacea and to improve texture. This is also the time to make sure you are using a good skin care line.

In your late 30s - 40s - This is the time for more aggressive injectables, botox and eye surgery.

Keep in mind of course that these ages aren't set in stone, a lot of it also has to do with genetics, how thick your skin is as well as environmental factors, if you smoke and/or tan.  It should go without saying that non-smokers and non-sun worshipers age much slower!

Of course you are wondering how much youth is going to cost you and what the downtime is:

Botox can be done in 20-30 minutes and you can go right back to work and no one will notice.  Any signs of the injections are very minimal and usually not noticeable.  Cost is around $350 an area.

Injectable fillers, there will be some swelling for anywhere between 24 hrs to 1 week, depending on the type of filler you choose. There may also be slight bruising, but this can be easily covered with make-up. Cost is $500 and up depending on what type of filler you go with.

Eyelid surgery, the stitches come out within 5 days, but bruising and swelling lasts between 1-2 weeks.  The cost for upper and lower blepharoplasty is $6K.  Dr. Cory was kind enough to share some before and afters for this procedure - check out the area above her eyes - it's amazing how much bigger her eyes look!

Other services offered:  rhinoplasty, face and neck lift, forehead lift, otoplasty, chin and cheek implants and brow reshaping.

If you're looking for a boob job than Dr. Cory is not your guy, his practice is strictly from the neck up!

And unlike some offices you go to where there is an overwhelming choice of skin care brands, Dr. Cory has chosen what he believes to be the best, most effective line - Alyria - a line of advanced skincare products that improve skin tone and texture, and noticeably reduce fine and lines and even deep wrinkles.  Each product is formulated with proven ingredients in effective percentages and state-of the art technology, including patented delivery systems, to enhance the beauty of your skin.  This is the doctor's office line from our good friends at NeoStrata, so I feel confident that it must be good!

He also carries a line of professional nutricosmetics - GliSODin Skin Nutrients - a professional nutricosmetic line specifically formulated with premium natural ingredients to deliver critical nutrients to the skin.  GliSODin Skin Nutrients should be used by those who are looking to improve their skin health and general well being. GliSODin Skin Nutrients should also be used by anyone who undergoes medical aesthetic procedures and is looking to enhance their daily beauty regime.  Pretty pills!  He did give me a sample pack to try so I will be getting back to you with my results.

What I was really interested in seeing when I went to visit the good doctor is some new technology that he is the first in Canada to have - the Vectra Face Sculptor. What I find daunting about the idea of plastic surgery is not knowing exactly what you will look like when it's done - what if I hate it?  No longer a worry, what this new technology does is take six simultaneous photographs of your face which, when overlaid, produces a living three-dimensional recreation.  This 3D image can then be modified to give a realistic idea of how you might look with your surgery.  He used it on me and it's as simple as having your picture taken - what's daunting is having to see yourself in 3D.  Dr. Cory then gave the image a little makeover - some lasering, a little filler and insultingly enough, a nose job - I always thought my nose was fine, now I'm not so sure!  It really is amazing to see what a difference a few tweaks can make!  Here's a patient example he gave me permission to share - you don't think there was any chance I would show you mine, did you?!

Want to check it out for yourself? - you're in luck!  Dr. Cory will be at the Anti-Aging Show taking place this weekend at the International Centre in Mississauga.  The show runs from the 19th to the 21st.  You can find Dr. Cory at his booth (115/117) or doing a presentation on the main stage Friday at 3pm and Saturday and Sunday at 2pm.

Will I be going "under the knife" anytime soon?  Probably not - but a little refreshing is sounding pretty good right about now... 

- Lisamarie -


  1. Damn, the man is hot! ;]

    I like his philosophy on plastic surgery, I totally want to get some later on in life and some people are horrified by me even considering it!

    Also: dont you love how the plastic surgeons on the Swan are all wooden looking with ridiculous fish lips?

  2. LOL to the fish lips - and did you also notice that all of the "Swans" would look pretty much cookie cutter the same (including their very own fish lips)!

    And I agree, most of my friends don't understand my total acceptance that someday I will have plastic surgery - I certainly don't tell them that I already started a plastic surgery fund to pay for it ;-)

    Best, Lisamarie

  3. This doctor seems to have a great philosophy. I can't go to Canada though. I have looked around and I found a great plastic surgeon in Dallas.

  4. Cory Torgerson is in his 30s and he looks his age. Nothing surprising about that. Torgerson actually started medical school later in life and, as such, has very little experience. His work is not very good. But that is to be expected from someone who lacks experience like Torgerson does.

    In the before/after of the woman who had the bleph...she looks better before. Her after pic has crazy eyes. She looks horrible! Why would Torgerson post such shoddy work?

    But what is really concerning about Torgerson is his very dishonest and shady nature. His ratemds page is full of bizarrely sychophantic ramblings about how godlike he is. I posted about a negative experience I had with him and I was literally BULLIED and HARASSED for not posting a positive comment. I have never experienced this before. Another woman on ratemds posted that when he makes a mistake, he ignores you and never wants to see you again. Terrible.

    Although I saw him for a FREE CONSULT two years ago, I recently received a phone call from his receptionist whereby she DEMANDED I tell her my OHIP number. She said Torgerson "had to have it" and it was required "BY LAW" that I give it to him. I asked her what Torgerson was going to do with my OHIP number. Receptionist said he would just "keep it on file" and not use it. Right. I am NOT his patient. I saw him for a FREE CONSULT. And suddenly, two years later he wants my OHIP number. I reported him to OHIP. What a terribly shady and greedy plastic surgeon. I suggest people shop around and choose a plastic surgeon with MANY MORE YEARS OF EXPERIENCE than this young dishonest punk who tries to scam OHIP

  5. Oh, just to clarify about Torgerson's ratemds page. Check it out. Especially the answers to the negative post. I believe that Torgerson writes his own positive comments in an attempt to attract business and that he literally attacks those who dare post their unhappy experiences. How absolutely pathetic.

    Again, the best thing anyone can ever do is RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH their plastic surgeon. Like with all surgeons, you want one with a LOT OF EXPERIENCE not some young punk who boasts and talks himself up but does not deliver. RESEARCH their experience and don't be fooled by nice sounding words or fake smiles.

  6. Sexynerd, I am confused as to why you are coming here to rant about a free consultation - the whole point of a consult is to see if a doctor is a good fit for you or not and he is clearly not a good fit for you! I'm not even going to bother addressing most of your complaints here, they are in turns, incorrect, petty and irrelevant - but I will agree with one thing you said, if you are going to have work done by any doctor, research the hell out of them! I can certainly tell you that in the process of writing the story, I did a lot of research on Dr. Cory and I was nothing but impressed by his credentials, work and his in-person self. You obviously have some sort of vendetta against him and I'm not privy to the real story but I guess you should keep consulting doctors until you find one you like!

    And yes, if anyone is interested in plastic surgery looks like a great resource, unless you want to believe the poster that doctors are just writing their own good reviews in which case the internet is just one big lie! ;-)

    Best, Lisamarie

  7. I think the philosophy should always be to err on the side of natural looking results. It is always best to go for a consult and let your doctor know exactly what you are looking for. When I went for my facelift in Dallas, I met with my doctor twice before any decisions were made.

  8. Dr.Torgerson is one of the kindest people I have ever met. I can tell he really cares about his patients and their wellbeing. I met with him today (3 weeks before my rhinoplasty date) to go over the planned surgery day. I arrived 10 minutes late (the crazy bad traffic was very unexpected) - he still gave me a full half hour (if not more) of his time and he wasn't angry at all. I was pretty much a nervous wreck when I arrived at his office - but after I felt so much calmer and happy! His words of wisdom and his promise of a beautiful result still have me beaming inside. I will be sure to let you all know how the results are - but I am positive I am in great hands. :)I am very excited.

    1. Hi, I'm considering to consult Dr.Torgerson for rhinoplasty.
      I'm very curious to know about your experience.



  9. I've heard a lot of good things about Dr. Torgerson. A friend of mine had Blepharoplasty done by him and did an incredible job!


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