March 29, 2010

Lise Watier Résist-Âge Day and Night Review and Contest Winner!

Along with the daily challenges that started 28 days ago, I also started using the Lise Watier Résist-Âge  Youth-Extender Day Fluid - 50ml - $52 and Reenergizing Night Creme - 50ml - $58. 

The day fluid contains two special ingredients:  DNA Protector (containing cotton peptides) which acts simultaneously on two fronts - reversing and preventing cellular change.  it promotes the elimination of existing lines by stimulating cell-repair functions and limiting the formation of new lines by strengthening the cellular defense system.  The photoprotective action prevents the appearance of early signs of aging and helps skin preserve its strength and vitality. And Longevicell (extract of myrtle leaves) which spurs skin longevity proteins, boosts cellular metabolism, and prevents rigidification of collagen fibres.  This triple action slows the formation of lines and wrinkles and helps skin preserve its youthful appearance.  The fluid also contains several other hydrating ingredients which work to revive the skin surface.

The night creme also contains the DNA Protector as well as a Phytoamine NRG Complex which is forumlated with extract of Tepescohuite bark - an ingredient reputed for its healing, invigorating, and remineralizing properties - and amino acids, which are known for their capacity to retain water.  This makes the combination supremely successful at night, when the skin's potential receptivity to moisture is at its highest.  It helps skin regain its softness, suppleness, and ideal moisture balance and the results can be seen in the morning.

It all sounds great but what you really want to know is did it really do all that and how wonderful do I look now?  I have to say that I love the night creme and once my skin becomes less dry again, I will love the day fluid!  The day fluid comes in a handy pump bottle, is very light, smells nice and absorbs easily.  For myself it was a bit too light - to fix this I have been adding a little bit of extra moisturizer in my drier areas as well as wearing a moisturizing serum.  What I think I might try is picking up the Résist-Âge Métamulsion Serum and wearing that during the day with a more intense moisturizer.  The night creme also comes in a pump bottle, is thicker, smells good and soaks right in.  I found the texture of this one fine, just enough moisture for me but if you are super dry, keep in mind that both of these products are geared towards those with normal to combo skin so don't be surprised if you don't find them moisturizing enough and need to add something extra.  And FYI, I really did wake up with radiant looking skin, so that night creme is going to be having an extended stay in my bathroom cabinet!

If you are in your 30s, seeing your first signs of aging and want to start a skin care regime to kick agings ass, this is a great one to try!  On to the contest winner:

I have to say, I am really impressed with you guys!  When the Lise Watier Youthful... Day After Day Challenge started 28 days ago I figured that by Day 28, 1 or 2 of you might still be hanging in there, but every single day, so many of you kept coming back to share the fun (and sometimes misery) that the wonderful people (sadists) at Lise Watier had come up with for the day.  So a big thank you to all of you for sharing the trip!  And the winner is....
Adri17 from Quebec

Please contact us at within 48 hours and give us your info so we can send your prize to you!

Thanks again to everyone for making this such a fun contest!

- Lisamarie -


  1. Great Post, do you know if Lise Watier is available in the UK? Ive heard so much about this brand and would really like to try it

  2. Hi Imo, I checked the Lise Watier website and this is where they say to buy LW in Europe:


    Best, Lisamarie


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