March 18, 2010

The Shopping Channel has numerous ways to combat dark circles! Borba Skin Care, Lise Watier, Vapour Organic Beauty and It Cosmetics

The oversized sunglass look which is all the rage today didn't start in Hollywood as many might think after spotting the look on Nicole Richie and the like, Jackie Kennedy was rocking them long before today's Hollywood starlets were even a twinkle in their father's eye.  JBK was quite the trendsetter in her day and aspects of her classy elegance will continue to reappear - although hopefully not the white gloves!  If you've always coveted a pair of Jackie's sunglasses, you are in luck.  I was interested to learn that The Shopping Channel has a Jackie Kennedy collection with official replicas of jewelery and watches worn by the first lady.  You can check them out for yourself here.  Also just added to this line are her replica sunglasses which are making their debut today and selling briskly. 

Timeless elegance for $69.99, not a bad deal.  You can see them on the site here.  As well, Personality Biographer, Philip Katz, the jeweler behind the replicas will be appearing on TSC today when the Jackie Kennedy Collection is previewed several times today.  You can find the showtimes here.

All this talk of sunglasses got me thinking about the reasons people wear them.  Normal people wear them to block the sun of course but celebrities seem to wear them all the time including on overcast days and indoors.  What are they hiding?  I'm thinking dark circles, sunglasses are the easy way to do it but should you not be a celebrity and say your employer frowns on sunglasses in the office you will need an alternative.  I have mentioned before that The Shopping Channel has an impressive selection of cosmetic brands so I thought I would search around and see what they had worthy of combating dark circles.  Here are a few of my faves:

 Borba HD Illuminating Eye Specialist - $49.50 - ideal for those who don't want colour but still want to eliminate the appearance of circles, puffiness and fatigue in the delicate eye area. One side helps to brighten, the other side helps to enlighten.  I like this one a lot but the no-colour thing isn't fully effective on dark circles, you really do need a bit of colour coverage for that.

Lise Watier Anti-Wrinkle Concealer - $24 - comes in 5 shades.  I actually bought mine at the drugstore, I didn't realize that TSC carried Lise Watier.  This is a great concealer for under the eyes if your eye area tends to be dry as I find it really moisturizing.  I also like the brush applicator.  It has a light coverage but a creamy one which is why I like it.

You might recall me raving about the Vapour Organic Beauty line before and their light as air formula - the Illusionist Concealer - $23 - it comes in 3 colours: light, light/medium and dark and has the exact same no makeup feeling.  I like this concealer a lot and it's perfect for days when I hadn't gotten quite enough sleep.  I don't have really dark circles myself which is why I tested it out on a friend who has dark circles all the time (hereditary thing) and it didn't entirely cover them - for serious dark circles you need serious concealer.

Here's the serious concealer I was talking about.  If you party like a rockstar (or Christelle) - this would be the one to reach for the next morning - It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye - $29 - it comes in four colours: light, neutral medium, dark and tan - has full coverage, is waterproof, moisturizing and is highly pigmented.  The formula contains high concentrations of Vitamins K, A, C, E and Collagen which is clinically proven to reduce under eye puffiness and discolouration.  I am really impressed with the coverage - I only have to use the tiniest amount and everything I am trying to hide disappears.  It's also great for hiding blemishes.

No doubt The Shopping Channel has lots of other concealers but these are the only ones that I have  personally tried and I didn't see much point in telling you about ones that I have no opinion on.  I would love to hear about your tried and true solutions for dark circle coverage!

- Lisamarie -

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