March 29, 2010

Jacob wants to beat the panties off cervical cancer!

We love a worthy cause here at Beauty Crazed so of course were happy to oblige when Jacob asked us to help spread the word of their cervical cancer initiative.  It also helped me realize how much I hate the word "panties"  I wonder why that is?  But I am happy to have a good reason to go buy myself some new underwear!  If my husband complains I can explain it's for charity - of course, strangely, he rarely complains about my shopping when it's lingerie of any sort that I'm buying... funny that...  Make your husband happy, buy yourself some new dainties and help a good cause!

- Lisamarie -


  1. I actually like the word panties. Is panty a word? Because it'll be even more awesome if it is.

    Thanks for spreading the word. A girl could never have enough cute panties. I'll be happy to pick some up!

  2. LOL - you just had to find a way to use the word 3 more times, didn't you?! (and yes, it is a word singularly, but I'm not saying it!)

    Best, Lisamarie


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