March 7, 2010

Oscars' Red Carpet: A Snooze Fest.

Where are Rihanna and Lady Gaga when you need them? Tonight's red carpet was pretty conservative. Just like this year's Golden Globes, many actresses chose to wear black, gray, cream or tan colors.

You know I have mad love for Helen Mirren. Once again, she looked amazing in this grey Badgley Mishka number .

Cameron Diaz looked great in Oscar de la Renta

Demi Moore in Versace. I'm not loving this colour on her but the fit is amazing.

Zoe Saldana in Givenchy. Probably the most fashion forward dress of the evening.

Robert Downey Jr.'s intro was so funny...I forgive him the sneakers.

I was going to say something nice about Kristen Stewart as this gown is way better than what she usually wears (perhaps she finally decided to hire a stylist) but her introduction tonight was ridiculously bad: she had no energy, no charisma and most of all she decided to clear her throat while presenting...charming. Ugh. I wonder how she managed to become an actress.

This Marchesa gown is quite atrocious.

Maggie Gyllenhaal in Dries Van Noten. This looks like an arts school project.

James Cameron's wife should get some tips from Helen Mirren. Her batwing arms need to be out of sight.


 Oh Molly Ringwald, this is weird and cheap could well be an outfit from the mall.



  1. Y'know, I kinda dig that Demi's dress is the same colour as her skin LOL.

    And thank god somebody else dislikes Maggie Gyllenhaal's dress, it looks like a fancy tablecloth :|

  2. Yeah not so much to look at... Kirsten Stewart is really awkward... She just don't belong in this industry. Maggie's dress was a la batika style, which is supposed to be IN this year... But it looks bad... Oh my... what a dissapointment

  3. I loved Demi's dress!! It had a very sexy girl from spain going on, in fact I choose her as my #1, I love Cameron Diaz but the dress looked better on stage with all the light reflecting off the crystals, Queen Latifa looked great as well and I do agree I love Helen Mirren! so funny the wife of James Cameron looked like she was trying to be an Avatar!! lol, check out my blog post of my picks from the Oscars:

  4. James Cameron's wife wore an OK dress, but I didn't think it looked good because you know...everything was migrating south, if you know what I mean. So it's time to cover up!



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