March 17, 2010

Lise Watier Youthful...Day After Day Challenge - Day 17! Contest!

Day 17 - NUTRITION - Tank up with energy!
Add a protein source to your snack of the day (e.g. nuts, cheese, yougurt, etc.).

I looked it up on Google and beer has protein in it so it stands to reason that celebrating St. Patrick's Day with a green beer will more than meet the requirements of this challenge!

- Lisamarie -

If you are confused about what this is or how to enter, you can go here to see the original post!


  1. I'm already done for the day. I had some raw almonds earlier.

  2. I think I'll stick with nuts & seeds Thanks

  3. I had a protein shake for lunch.

  4. mmmm... 2 beers cooling in the fridge with a nice green salad & Spinach & cheese Quiche (homemade) For dessert, yougurt with crushed walnuts!!! yummy!

  5. I had some almonds today but no green beer!!!

  6. I had a hard boiled egg for a snack this afternoon.
    jentam777 AT gmail DOT com

  7. I ate like crap today, for being out and about. Gotta fix that :-)

  8. Homemade spiced Walnuts for me...
    Happy St. Patrick's day!


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