March 10, 2010

Lise Watier Youthful... Day After Day Challenge - Day 10! Contest!

Day 10 - LIFESTYLE - Good morning!
Greet a stranger with a smile!

This one was obviously thought up by someone who does not live in Toronto - if you smile at strangers here you are either crazy or about to rob them!  I will stick with the Toronto equivalent to a smile - the polite head nod!

- Lisamarie -

If you are confused about what this is or how to enter, you can go here to see the original post!


  1. Always smile :D I'm from the Martimes :D

  2. A smile really does brighten someone's day.


  3. Always smile, it just might make someones day

  4. I am a Vancouverite... and we SMILE!!!


  5. Ok, this won't be hard for me, i have done it before.


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