March 17, 2010

L'Oréal iPhone Apps Make You Three Times a Lady!

I'm always looking for some cool little apps to add to my iPhone and I'm also always curious to see how big brands embrace new technologies. When I searched for L'Oréal apps on the iTunes store, to my surprise I found 3 different ones.  All 3 are free.

The first one is from L'Oréal Paris (in English) and despite the poor customer ratings, I don't think it's a bad app: remember it's free... so it would be silly to expect fancy features when you're not paying for it! This app works more like a shopping guide than anything else. 

A Get the Look section shows you a L'Oréal models photo gallery (Penelope Cruz, Eva Longoria, Noémie Lenoir) and the products you should purchase to get the same look. Additional pictures would make this section better, though.

The Make up Application Videos section contains links to YouTube videos. The videos are all short but for some reason I need to switch to a wi-fi connection to be able to watch them. Annoying. If I want to waste my monthly bandwidth, it's my problem.

Finally the last section: Your Personalized Diagnostic will find the ideal skin or hair care products for you, based on a series of questions. If this is kept up-to-date, this section alone would make this apps worthwhile because it would help you keeping track of all the new L'Oréal products.

For some reason Studio Secrets Profession by L'Oréal Paris is available on the Canadian iTunes store, despite being published in...Swedish. Since I happen to know a bit of Swedish (no, really) I can tell you, you're not missing too much. It works more or less like the previous app, except the beauty secrets and shopping recommendations are all based on Linda Evangelista's looks.

OK, this app is not really from L'Oréal itself but from the L'Oréal Fashion Week in...Melbourne. However, I wanted to mention it because I love the concept here: this app contains the festival's programme with all the runway shows and designers information. It's very easy to navigate and the social features are definitely interesting: you can connect to Facebook and Twitter straight from this app and post your updates as you go from one show to another. You can even track where your contacts are located...which can be a little creepy.
If you're not going to any of the runway shows, a few YouTube Videos will give you a taste of what's happening backstage. I think it's a great app, especially if you're going to attend this festival.


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