July 28, 2011

Maybelline ColorSensational The Shine Lipcolor Fruit Punch and Disco Pink swatches!

Maybelline ColorSensational The Shine is the newest super shiny lipstick from Maybelline. Having been majorly love with Maybelline Wet Shine for years and very upset when it was discontinued (I'll even admit to still having one that I use) I was thrilled to see this line that I was hoping would be a dupe! It's not exactly the same, the Wet Shine I have doesn't have any shimmer while this one does so I think it's kind of a hybrid of the Wet Shine and Diamond Shine - but not as glittery. Whatever it is, I like it - it's moist, shiny and smells great!
 Fruit Punch - love this shade, it adds just the right amount of colour to perk me up when I look tired!
Disco Pink - might be a little too light for me or I might be getting to used to wearing bright colours and it's making everything seem light!

- Lisamarie -


  1. omg fruit punch looks like coastal-ish color im looking for a perfect coastal color, not too bright nor dark..can u recommend any pls? :)

  2. I love corals too - check these out:


    Best, Lisamarie

  3. Ooooh these are really glossy! Me likey

  4. this lipstick looks really moisturizing and glossy!! & I love lipsticks that smell good~ this lipstick looks like something I will get soon ^^ Thank you for the review/swatches! (:


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