July 19, 2011

Lancôme Slimissime 360° Slimming Activating Concentrate Review

Lancôme Slimissime 360° Slimming Activating Concentrate - 200ml - $70 - as summer rolls on the search for the perfect cellulite cream continues - I admit it, I'm obsessed with them! This one came out last spring and I have been meaning to try it ever since - better late than never right?!

It has turned out to be perfect for the hideously hot weather we have been having lately because of the way this gel-cream feels tingly and cool when applied. I also really like how fresh smelling it is. It claims visible results in 10 days if you use it twice a day but as I tend to only apply once a day, it was a couple of weeks before I saw visible smoothing. I also did notice that by using the massage techniques that are included with the product, that I have seen better results then I have previously with other products. It would be interesting to try the same massage technique with a different product and see if it also makes it equally effective.

Lancôme explains that the unsightly appearance of dimpled skin is caused not only by fat storage within adipocyte cells, but also the multiplication of these cells, followed by their migration to the skin's surface. The 360° complex combats the appearance of existing cellulite and minimizes its recurrence by: increasing elimination of fat sorage; reducing multiplication of adipocyte cells; slowing down adipocyte storage; and fighting against the breakdown of support tissue, a process responsible for the unsightly appearance of dimpled skin.

If I ever make it through the 5 zillion other cellulite creams in my possession I would actually try another bottle of this one - I was happy to use something with results that are actually visible!

- Lisamarie -


  1. I'm using this cream now and I LOVE it! But I'm always curious if there might be something more... Has any other cream beat this one for you? x

  2. Just this one:



    Best, Lisamarie


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