August 31, 2011

Kelly Osbourne materializes (eventually) at The Bay!

Kelly Osbourne, I think you're swell, I really do. From what I've seen of you on TV and such (maybe minus The Osbourne show) you seem really sweet, friendly and real. So last night I thought I would find out for myself if my perceptions were reality and attend Kelly's in-store appearance at The Bay on Queen Street for the Material Girl clothing line.

The event was scheduled for 5-7 which means with my little neurosis that showing up any time past 4:55 would deem me late. I wasn't late but I wish I could say the same thing about Kelly...

I would have liked to have spent my waiting time checking out the line but the crowd was too big to really get a good look at it - from what I could see on the mannequins, it looks fun!
Kelly finally shows at 6:45 - looking cute as a bug - I wish I could tell you what she had to say but she showed up just as I had to leave to catch my bus. And just so you don't think I was still there because I'm super patient, at that point it was sheer stubbornness - there was no way I was leaving without the satisfaction of getting a picture!

It was nice almost meeting you Kelly - let's work on that punctuality thing, kay?!

- Lisamarie -

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