December 28, 2012

Supplement your hair and health with Viviscal, Renew Life and Genuine Health!

Viviscal Maximum Strength Hair Nourishment System - 60 tablets - $59.99 - a daily supplement that contains the exclusive AminoMar C marine Complex - a combination of marine protein, minerals and vitamins key to regenerating new cells and feeding existing ones; extracts of horsetail - a plant known to have beneficial effects on hair, skin and nails promoting microcirculation and improved elasticity; and Acerola cherry - a strong anti-oxidant believed to improve the ability of the follicles to absorb important nutrients - combined they offer the  specific nutrients to nourish the hair follicles naturally, helping to reduce hair loss and support existing hair growth.

Don't expect instant results though - it works in 4 stages over 6 months although most people notice a difference after 3-4 months: Stage 1 - nourishing the hair follicles; Stage 2 - strengthening and promoting growth of existing hair; Stage 3 - stimulating growth of hair that has slowed down or temporarily stopped; and Stage 4 - promoting healthier more vibrant hair from within.

Available at or by phone - 1-888-374-0073.

Good for your brain, heart and skin as well, there are lots of good reasons to add Omega-3 to your diet - but if you're like me and don't care for fish it can be hard to get enough of it so a supplement is the way to go just remember, not all Omega-3 supplements are created equal and you want to look for one that contains a combined daily dosage of approximately 1,000 mg of EPA and DHA such as: Renew Life Norwegian Gold Supreme Fish Oils Super Critical Omega - 30 capsules - $25.99 - offers high quality fish oil with health benefits ranging from lower cholesterol, reduced inflammation, improved mental acuity and improved overall digestion.

For more on Omega-3 as well as purchasing information check out -
Genuine Health Daily Detox - 90 capsules - $26.99 -  contains natural cleansing ingredients such as rice bran, glycine and non-dairy bacterial cultures to give your body the extra help it needs to break down and eliminate stored toxins, while preventing further toxin build-up for improved health and well-being. As well as the improved appearance of hair, skin and nails; improved energy and digestion; improved mental clarity and focus; and improved bowel function and sleep.

Available at pharmacies and health food stores across Canada - visit to find one near you.

- Lisamarie -

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