December 20, 2012

Test Driving CND Shellac with our guest poster Michelle!

When I found out I would be on holidays during a recent CND Shellac event I tried to think of who I could send in my place that would really be able to appreciate all the benefits of shellac and I couldn't think of anyone better then my friend Michelle who as a dental hygienist spends all day with her hands in other people's mouths - if you have to have someone's hands in your mouth they should at least look good right?! Here's Michelle's take on her CND Shellac experience:

I was so excited when Lisamarie asked me to try out a CND Shellac manicure - polish that lasts 14 days is just what I need with my job and I liked that it's the healthy manicure choice for natural nails with no surface filing. Being a health care professional I was concerned about the UV light but the professionals at CND put me at ease and explained that the UV exposure lamps are safer than natural sunlight/sunlamps. The amount of energy from a UV lamp during a typical Shellac manicure is roughly the same as the amount of UV exposure one would receive during a typical day of exposure in INDOOR fluorescent lighting. If that doesn't put you at ease throw some sunscreen on your hands prior to the manicure. Shellac should never be applied during a wet manicure, so there's no rinsing involved that would wash off your sunscreen.

Washing my hands constantly every day really takes a tole causing dryness and damage to my hands and nails. Manicures in the past haven't lasted even a day at the office, so I was intrigued to see how shellac would hold up. The color selection is endless especially now that CND has introduced the CND Additive collection of pigments and effects!

For my CND Shellac application I choose Red Baroness, with CND Additives in Red and Charcoal. Its been over a week, and I am still going strong sparkling away. What has helped keep it looking good is the SolarOil that I got to take home with me which so far has been my saving grace and is a must have for maintaining the perfect manicure. 

The professionals at CND, went above and beyond with their service and their knowledge was profound showing a true passion for the Shellac brand which had me excited about it too! A huge thanks to Christina, Erica, and Jenn for a wonderful experience!

If you're looking to do something festive for your holiday mani/pedi - check out the CND seasonal offerings: Tinsel Toast and Ruby Ritz - If you're in Toronto you can book yourself into Ritual at 789 King Street West for your shellac or check out the salon locator at for a participating location near you.

- Michelle & Lisamarie -

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