December 7, 2012

Test Driving Goldwell Salon Colour at Salon M Squared!

As a (fake) redhead I'm well versed in colour - red fades fast and needs to be redone often. On occasion I get it done at the salon but most of the time I just do it myself at home and I've never thought much about the difference between home and salon colour.

All that has changed after a pampering visit to Salon M Squared for a cut and Goldwell colour and I'll tell you what the big difference between home and salon colouring is besides the actual colour - the consultation! When you go to the drugstore, if you're lucky you get a cosmetician who knows what she's talking about when it comes to hair colour but sadly, most of the time they just seem to be reading the boxes too and even if they do know colour, there is a limitation to shade choices and unless you're really skilled and don't mind picking up a few boxes to frankenstein yourself then the pickings are slim - especially with reds!

At my Salon M Squared visit, I lucked out and received my consultation from the incredibly knowledgeable Mary Minaudo who is a Field Education Manager for Goldwell - who took into account my natural hair colour, eye and skin colour and what sort of shade result I wanted in order to pick something that was tailored just to me!

I could bla, bla, bla all day about it but seeing really is believing, a picture is worth a thousand words and what ever other situation appropriate cliche you can think of...
This is the Goldwell Colour and I am so happy with the result - she did a brighter copper on top and then darkened the colour towards the bottom to give it some depth as well as adding some strawberry blonde highlights in the bangs to brighten up my face! Together with the chic little bob that my stylist Halina gave me, I look perfectly polished!
And here are the pics from the last time that I did home colour - I dumped a box of colour on my head and crossed my fingers that the colour would come out close to what it showed on the box. At the time I thought the colour was pretty good but comparing it to the salon colour, there's no contest - and of course the salon did a much better styling job!

I know what you're going to say, it's much cheaper to colour from a box then it is to have it done professionally and I can't argue that - and until I win the lottery I certainly can't afford to have someone do my hair every month but I do think I'm going to try to have it done professionally every few months and then I can touch up the colour myself at home - having a pro base should give me much better home results!

I should also share with you the products that Halina picked for my fine, volume-challenged hair: KMS California Add Volume Styling Foam to add body to my hair and KMS California Hair Play Dry Wax to add a bit of texture and definition to my layers. I have never used a spray wax before and it's amazing! Not at all sticky or heavy and you don't have to get your hands all gunky to use it!
 If you are looking for someplace hip and friendly in Toronto for Goldwell colour and/or a cut or to pick up your KMS California products, I totally recommend the highly regarded Contessa Award winner Salon M Squared - 186 Wilson Avenue in Toronto - 647-346-6454 -

- Lisamarie -

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