April 22, 2013

All-natural exfoliation with Sweet Leaf Bath Company Adzuki Bean & Rice Bran Face Polish!

Earth Day is the perfect time to try something new and all-natural from a fairtrade company and since exfoliating is one of those things that most of us don't do enough of, how about some...

Sweet Leaf Bath Company Adzuki Bean & Rice Bran Face Polish - 133g - $16.95 - exfoliates to buff away dead cells, increases circulation to improve skin function and tone and still gentle enough to use every day.

Contains: fresh ground adzuki bean - to gently exfoliate the skin without damaging surface skin cells, leaving behind smooth, soft skin; rice bran powder - a natural exfoliant that smoothes and softens the skin's surface and leave skin with a healthier, balanced tone; cucumber seed extract - a powerful anti-oxidant rich in vitamins A & C that assists with skin cell regeneration and helps combat fine lines and wrinkles for radiant skin; ginkgo biloba - another anti-oxidant with detoxifying properties to skin that is revitalized, stimulated and firm; and apple powder - for it's moisturizing and anti-aging properties to help the skin maintain it's youthful elasticity.

What makes this product interesting is that it's a powder, not a wet paste like most exfoliants are - this takes away the problem that I have with wet products that come in tubs of drying out. All you do is splash your face with water and rub a bit of the powder between your hands and then apply to your face in a circular motion - perfectly soft smooth skin in just a few seconds! The powder format also makes it much easier to travel with it, just pour a bit into a baggie (although this might not be such a good idea if traveling by plane - a baggie full of powder...)!

Available online at www.sweetleafbath.com.

- Lisamarie -

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