April 22, 2013

Aveda helps you save water and look good doing it!

You know those morning that you roll out of bed too late to wash your hair so you end up pinning it up and hoping for the best? Not only have you been doing the earth some good by saving water you have actually been doing something that is now very trendy - messy hair is all over the runways!

Aveda Canada Creative Director, Kristjan Hayden wants to help you save water in style with some easy DIY solutions to hair that hasn't seen a wash in a day or two:

Go super straight - flatiron your hair flat and sleek.

The wet look - wet your hair with product and slick back.

The low bun - pull your hair back and secure in low ponytail. Use a comb to smooth any bumps before twisting your ponytail into a bun and securing with an elastic band.

The low pony - a sleek ponytail secured at the nape. Add some extra interest like in the picture and wrap a large section of your hair around the tucked in ponytail.

Or add some volume - spray volumizer in roots and blow dry; crimp roots under the part for added texture and fullness; use velcro rollers and hairspray - heat and set with a blow dryer and diffuser.

In honor of Earth Day, Aveda has set aside a whole month to love, celebrate and raise funds to protect the earth and its peoples. More then $26 million has been raised since 1999. Over the last 6 years $20 million of the funds supported clean water projects at home and around the world.

For more info on this initiative and how you can get involved visit: http://www.aveda.com/discover/index.tmpl#section=earth_month

If you are doing the unwashed thing with fine hair, a volumizer is your best friend - I love using a product like this one - I spray it in, flip my head upside down and give it a good blast with the blow dryer to add lots of lift to the roots!
Aveda Pure Abundance Style-Prep - 100ml - $24 - nature's boost for fine hair, it infuses all-day weightless volume that feels natural, conditioners that detangle to help prevent breakage from combing and helps refresh volume on non-shampoo days without adding weight.
Thickens strands with a botanical blend of passion fruit, rice bran, açaí oil, organic aloe and acacia gum and boosts volume with a natural corn-derived polymer-helping give fine, limp strands the hold they need for body that lasts all day.

Available at Aveda salons, stores and online at www.aveda.com.

- Lisamarie -

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