April 8, 2013

Test Driving Sally Hansen Salon InstaGel Strips with my spastic friend Sam!

Sally Hansen has a new kit that offers an easy 2 step gel manicure: Sally Hansen InstaGel Strips starter kit - $39.95 - which contains everything you need for an easy-on, easy-removal gel strip manicure including a Mini LED Lamp with Auto-Timer; Gel Top Coat; 16 Gel Polish Strips; 2 Nail Cleanser Pads; Cuticle Stick, File and Buffer. 

The strips themselves are available in 24 shades: Take the Stage, Hi Ho Silver, Sheer Ecstasy, Shell We Dance?, Pink Pong, Plums the Word, Commander in Chic, Get Juiced, Back to the Fuchsia, Rosy Outlook Punch Drunk, Red My Lips, Wine Not, Ruby Doo, Troublemaker, Pat on the Black Walk the Catwalk, Faux Real, Spot On, Amazing Lace, Perfect Poison, Pinkies Up!, Bonus Check and Pretty 'N Poppy.

With my tiny little nails I don't bother testing strips out, it just ends up being a disaster and not that Pink Sith won't test for me anymore (something about all the mocking making her cry) I had to find a new victim friend!

Enter Sam, my friend and co-worker - she has no experience with nail strips at all so this will be a good test of how "easy" this kit really is!
I thought it was weird that Lisamarie was admiring what she said were my "huge manly nails", but loving nail products, I was happy to give this Sally Hansen kit a try! The instructions were very straight forward, and many different sizes of strips were included so that you could find the size that fit each nail perfectly  and the nail lamp is totally tiny and adorable!
Pressing down the strips was easy, but when it came to filing off the ends, I ruined quite a few nails as the strip would rip and there would be a spot on my nail that wasn't covered with the strip. Maybe because this was my first time with nail stickers? Or maybe I shouldn't be allowed to handle sharp objects? (Ed. note)
The instructions said to cure under the LED lamp for 30 seconds, I did each nail for around a minute to be safe but the top coat still smeared. 
The nails that did work out looked great, but the ones missing part of the strip from filing and the smeared ones did not. I do have short nails which may have been the issue, but after spending over an hour on the process, I was not that happy with the outcome. I probably would not recommend this to someone like me who has never used nail strips before. 

Having looked at other people's results online it would seem that if you have the patience and experience then you can get a great result! 

Hopefully Lisamarie will still let me test things out even though this test drive didn't go so well!

I was prepared to mark this down to bad results due to short nails or lack of experience but another friend of mine who does lots of this kind of thing all the time and has long nails had the same crappy outcome. She did tell me that even though the strips were a wash that she has still been using the top coat and lamp to use with her regular nail polishes to get a long lasting result and said that it works beautifully!

- Sam & Lisamarie -

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  1. I tried these with my SensatioNail LED light and was really disappointed. I wasn't sure if it was just me, but the strips weren't smooth, and they peeled off after just ONE day. Rip off.


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