April 4, 2014

Pollogen Face & Body Treatments - take some of the worry out of getting bikini ready!

Looking for a way to eliminate fat and tighten up in a non-invasive way? Then you're going to want to check out Pollogen Face & Body Treatments which are now available in Canada - a painless, non-surgical and medically-proven solution to tighten, firm, smooth, reshape and contour any problem area on the face and body - on all skin colours with immediate results, no irritation and no recovery time. 
What's really great about it is that it can target specific areas for spot treatments - like these tummy results obtained in 5 treatments - we all know that even when you exercise your ass off, there are sometimes stubborn areas that just won't budge - and offers dramatic results in spot-treating cellulite, wrinkles, stretch marks, scarring, loose skin and stubborn fat pockets.
I'm not even going to pretend that I understand the TriPollar radio frequency technology that makes it work but the steps it goes through are easy enough:
Release: The treatment energy heats the subcutaneous fat tissue layer. This thermal effect accelerates natural fat metabolism and forces the release of liquid fat from the cells into the extra-cellular matrix.

Remove: The released fat clears the area and is used as fuel in the body, much like exercise causes fat cells to be used as food.  This allows you to choose specific areas of fat to metabolize.

Reshape: Focused energy heats the collagen fibres within the dermis, causing them to contract. As the collagen strands are pulled closer together, the skin immediately becomes tighter and smoother. Simultaneously, the heating effect accelerates the metabolism of the Fibroblasts, which augments collagen regeneration and yields long-term skin tightening results. 

In addition to safely heating four layers of the skin from within to accelerate natural fat metabolism for the body to use as fuel, restructuring existing collagen and increasing collagen production, the updated generation TriPollar technology employs Dynamic Muscle Activation (DMA), which encourages more rapid fat metabolism while tightening and toning the muscle. 

The treated skin’s physiology is actually improved as a result of the collagen regeneration, which delivers long-lasting results. Visible tightening and contouring effects can be seen after just one treatment and can last up to four months, depending on the severity of the targeted area. For permanent results, patients often receive three to six treatments with monthly maintenance treatments to follow. The cellulite reduction here is from just 3 treatments. 

After seeing all this of course I was curious to try it for myself so I had a stomach treatment. It lasts about half an hour and the device looks something like a massaging shower head. I probably would have enjoyed the treatment more if I'd had it just about anyplace else, it's very warm and it's like getting a massage, I'm just not crazy about having my stomach touched - during the treatment the skin gets really warm and every once in a while you feel a snapping sensation like static - but it's not painful in any way. Just make sure you don't have to show off the body part you have treated any time soon after the treatment, my stomach was bright red for a couple of hours afterwards. It was worth it though, I had her measure me before and then I measured again the next day and had lost a full inch from my stomach!

Treatments cost $300 to $350 each and are available at select medical spas and clinics in Canada including
Glow MediSpa in Toronto and Dr. Matta Cosmetic & Laser Clinic in Brampton.
Check out www.mypollogen.com for other locations, testimonials and many more before and after photos.

- Lisamarie -

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