April 5, 2014

Brighten up skin day and night with La Roche-Posay, Alyria and Vichy!

La Roche-Posay Pigmentclar Dark Spot Correcting Serum - 30ml - $59 - with a light formula suitable for sensitive skin, it takes care of dark spots and a dull and uneven complexion with highly concentrated LHA to offer gentle surface exfoliation to brighten the complexion; as well as PhE-Resorcinol, Ginkgo and Ferulic Acid to visibly reduce the look or dark spots and discolourations during the entire cycle of their growth and appearance and offers long-lasting efficacy.

Available now at drugstores across Canada.

And because it's a serum and super light you can easily layer a moisturizer over it without your skin feeling weighted down - and remember that since UV rays are the major source of dark spots it's important that your moisturizer has sunscreen in it - like this one:
Alyria Age Renewal SPF 25 Lotion - 50 g - $125 - a light lotion, perfect for layering with clinically proven stem cell technology from the stem cells of a rare Swiss apple to improve the life expectancy and health of skin stem cells by providing nutrients and metabolites that ensure longevity and protection; a powerful blend of peptides to target already existing signs of aging, help skin appear firmer and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles; retinol to promote cell turnover and revitalize photo-damaged skin; and broad spectrum sun protection from damaging UVA and UVB rays - together they all not only correct and protect, but also prevent future signs of aging. I like that it blends right in without making the skin look white or chalky like some lotions with sunscreen can!

Available exclusively at doctor's offices - check out www.alyria-med.com to find a participating one near you.
Vichy ProEVEN Night Overnight Concentrate - 40ml - $49.50 - an ultra fresh, paraben and hydroquinone-free hydrating gel great for all ethnicities that you can either use nightly or if you aren't a fan of night creams, use as a mask once or twice a week. It works on 2 levels - the epidermis - with the highest concentration of LHA for its resurfacing effect with precise and gentle exfoliation and to boost cell renewal process; and ceramide bright - to regulate melanin synthesis at the beginning of the process; and the dermis - with vitamin C, procysteine and eperuline to protect the fibroblasts from oxidation and inflammation that directly influence melanin production.

Available now exclusively at drugstores across Canada.

You can use a lightening product both day and night but if you are going to only do one, go with using it at night since that is when the skin is busy regenerating itself and will put the product to good use - just remember to use your sun protection during the day and you will be golden (or white, you know what I mean)!

- Lisamarie -

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  1. I just got the Vichy ProEven Night and I love it so far


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