April 2, 2014

Eye Love Wednesday - NeoStrata SecureWhite Anti Dark Circle Complex

NeoStrata SecureWhite Anti Dark Circle Complex - 15ml - $37.75 - an old favourite that has been newly formulated to get rid of those nasty dark circles that give you a tired eye look - effectively reducing the appearance of dark circles by 22% in just 15 minutes and by up to 59% in just 5 weeks as well as reducing eye puffiness.

The powerful lightening complex contains retinol,  titanium dioxide, achromaxyl, actiwhite and radianskin. Combined they not only render existing spots lighter, they work to slow down the three steps of the hyperpigmentation process - and for puffiness there is haloxly, aldavine and lanachrys - for a formula that is fast and effective at reducing both eye
puffiness and the appearance of dark circles for a  refreshed and radiant eye look.

Available now at major drugstores across Canada.

- Lisamarie -

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