October 9, 2014

Lise Watier Aurora Winter 2014 Collection

The Lise Watier Aurora Winter Collection by inspired by the aurora borealis - the glorious natural phenomenon that bathes the sky in gentle, sweeping colours - the beauty of the northern lights can be seen in these luminous, shimmering seasonal products that capture the spectacle in our starry Canadian night skies
Aurora Eyeshadow Palette - $43 - Limited Edition - includes six richly pigmented shades: Taupe, Ivory Rose, Violet, Pink-Mauve, Gold and Midnight Blue - with finishes that range from semi-matte to iridescent and a creme-powder texture which can be applied sheer or opaque on the skin.
Aurora Iridescent Eyeshadow in Teal - $25 - Limited Edition - teal with hints of green embedded with glittering micro-particles that change colour as they catch the light.

This is my favourite product from the collection - for a really awesome effect, mix it with a little Metamorfix for a more opaque finish that also makes an amazing liner!
Aurora Iridescent Eyeshadow in Violet - $25 - Limited Edition - violet with coppery highlights embedded with glittering micro-particles that change colour as they catch the light.
Aurora Iridescent Eyeliner - $22 - Limited Edition - with a dramatic colour that shifts in the light to reflect coppery glints and a millimeter wide precision-tip applicator that makes it easy to apply.
Smokey Kohl Velours in Indigo Velours - $20 - in a richly pigmented deep matte blue that glides on effortlessly inside and outside the eye contour with a creamy texture and a waterproof finish.
Eye Shine in Aurora - $20 - in a metallic blue shade with a soft and creamy texture.
Aurora Celestial Light Powder - $36 - Limited Edition - a blend of iridescent rose, brown and gold tones in a delicate, feather-light powder that adds a shimmer of light to the face and body for a subtle and luminous glow.
Rouge Fondant Supreme in Stella - $24 - in a rich pink shade with a hydrating formula that contains concentrated Labrador tea extract and a soft, glossy and lustrous finish.
Haute Lumiere High Shine Lip Gloss in Aurora - $23 - Limited Edition - in a sheer rich pink shade with a non-sticky formula that offers long wear, comfort and deep hydration - along with a handy LED light that turns on when opened so you can apply it anywhere!

Available at Lise Watier counters from November to January 2015.

- Lisamarie -


  1. Do you know how long Lise Watier normally takes to process orders online? I put in an order and so far it's been about 3 business days and nothing has been processed yet but estimated shipping shows as December 3rd?

    1. I've never ordered anything from them online so you would best check with their customer service - if the shipping is that far out though it must either take them awhile to process or they don't have your item in stock - shipping within Canada would take more then a week at it's very slowest I wouldn't think... sorry I couldn't be of more help!

  2. Actually I have ordered online several times and they are a bit slow


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