October 17, 2014

30 Days of BCA - Day 17 - Causemetics

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month when all our favourite brands will be coming out with special edition products that in some way, will benefit charities associated with the disease.

A great thing all on its own - add in that many of the products will be pink and you've got something well worth talking about!

Be sure to come back everyday at 11:30am when we will be featuring a new BCA product!

Causemetics is the collaborative fundraising brand of a group of like-minded Canadian, all-natural beauty  companies who have each designated one of their products to shed its identity and be rebranded with a new shared identity for the purpose of fundraising for a common cause - the Canadian Breast Cancer Support Fund.

Participating companies and products include: Graydon Green Cream - $29, Evoke Perfume - $55, Lovefresh Natural Deodorant - $15, Ella's Botanicals Skin Soother - $20, Sappho Lip Gloss - $22, Province Apothecary Makeup Remover - $42, Sigrid First Aid Salve - $39.95, Cocoon Apothecary Serum - $48, Pure + Simple Minimalist Lotion - $49.95, Consonant Skincare Body Soap - $12, Schaf Moisturizer - $45 

For each product sold, a portion of the proceeds ($4 to $10 as marked on the package) will be donated to the Canadian Breast Cancer Support Fund to help relieve the financial toll of breast cancer – today. 

Available now online at www.cbcsf.ca, www.well.ca, www.causemetics.ca and at Green Beauty Spa in Toronto

- Lisamarie -

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