October 28, 2014

Give hair great texture with Shu Uemura, L'Oréal Professionnel and Schwarzkopf Professional!

Shu Uemura Art Of Hair Texture Wave Dry Finishing Spray - 193g - $42 - offers natural-looking styling with a formula that offers not just shape but also texture so buildable that it infuses the hair with volume and freedom of movement.  

What's nice about it is how versatile it is for all hair types - from adding a natural bend to free-flowing hair, transforming spiral ringlets into ruffled waves or to undo an updo - it works for anything from curly to straight hair - and especially great for fine hair as it adds texture to make more styles possible!

Available now at participating Shu Uemura Art of Hair salons and online at www.shuuemura.ca.
L'Oréal Professionnel Wild Stylers by Techni.Art Next Day Hair Micro-Propelled Texturizing Powder - 250ml - $23.50 - has a non-ionic setting polymer that leaves no residue and instantly creates a light tousled look for that sexy "rolling around in bed" hair even if you were only doing it because of bad dreams!

I like to spray it in with my head tipped upside down to give my fine hair some extra volume!

Available at L'Oréal Professionnel salons across Canada -  find one near you at www.lorealprofessionnel.ca.
Schwarzkopf Professional Osis+ Whipped Wax Texture Wax Souffle - 75ml - $21 - gives strong structure and separation with a mousse-like texture to provide ultimate styling flexibility and give hair great natural shine. Specially formulated with beeswax, hair styles remain remouldable without looking greasy or unnatural while giving incredible texture and strong style control.

This one is especially great for adding texture to the ends of short hair to give it that flippy look - you just need the tiniest bit on the end of your fingers brushed through the ends - so easy!

Available at Schwarzkopf Professional salons across Canada - for one near you go to http://www.schwarzkopf-professional.ca.

- Lisamarie -

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