November 6, 2014

Discussing makeup with The Bachelor - yes, this really happened...

The latest The Bachelor Canada victim, Tim Warmels and his hat were in Toronto recently to discuss (and avoid discussing) all things Bachelor Canada and (strangely enthusiastically) makeup - maybe that's just because it got him off the hook about having to discuss the show!

From the way he describes it, filming sounds like a stressful, relentless, exhausting, pressure-cooker of a situation that really just sounds like the opposite of fun. You get to travel to a lot of different places that you are probably too tired to enjoy - and on top of all that he has all those women he has to kiss... constantly... repeatedly ... poor thing...

As for kissing, Tim says that he is not put off by a lot of lipstick, he just goes right in there anyhow - I think he's the first man I've ever met who didn't whine about women wearing too much lipgloss!

He wasn't very forthcoming with any show-related juicy details so refused to answer my question about whether or not Lisa is really as loco in person as she appears to be on the show...
but while discussing which look he liked best from the photo shot in week 2, Tim sends out a not-so-secret clue as he points at April's smokey look -  it was pretty much the consensus of the table that she would be the last woman standing so you aren't telling us anything we don't already know!

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- Lisamarie -


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