September 19, 2015

TIFF comes to life at the Rev The Red Carpet 2015 Beauty Lounge with CND, Revlon Professional and American Crew!

Revlon Professional Brands was rolling out the red carpet last week with a star-worthy beauty event in honour of TIFF!

I almost didn't make my appointment, security had the street cordoned off for Jessica Chastain and they didn't want to let me through, but when I explained that it was a manicure emergency and that Jessica totally would not want me missing they relented.

I couldn't wait to see the CND Nailbar which featured the CND Aurora Holiday Collection - unsurprisingly, it was way too pretty not to go on my fingers!
I picked a sparkling ice blue - Glacial Mist for my expression finger paired with Couture Covet - a luscious teal cream from the Contradictions Fall Collection.

Along with celebrating the 20th Anniversary of American Crew, the event was also introducing Orofludio Asia - the zen beauty ritual formulated for women with dry, coarse, brittle hair who suffer from frizz, particularly in humid conditions that offers exceptional frizz control, elasticity and smoothness with an enticing blend based on treasured Asian ingredients with a soft texture and an exquisite fragrance specially mixed to stimulate the senses.

Available in the collection is: Zen Control Shampoo, Zen Control Conditioner, Zen Control Mask and my favorite:

Zen Control Elixir -  a lightweight leave-in conditioning treatment that instantly polishes the hair’s surface and creates a film that coats the cuticle, promoting the reflection of light and significantly increasing gloss and shine while creating an anti-humidity shield to control frizziness while providing suppleness and manageability without adding weight. It also contains a UV filter to protect hair from the damaging effects of the sun.

Sadly, Jessica and her fans were gone by the time I left so there was no one there to give autographs to - I would have looked great doing them with my new nails too!

- Lisamarie -

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