September 14, 2016

This week I'm obsessed with... Kiss Fix It Up! Silk Wrap Nail Repair Kit!

Is there anything worse then having perfectly manicured nails and then getting a tear in your nail?! If you have long nails it sucks because you end up having to cut your nail and either have one mismatched one, or having to cut all of them off to match. Or if you are like me and have short nails it becomes a painful experience of having to cut the nail below the nail bed which is seriously as ouchy as a papercut!

Sally Hansen used to make a great repair kit but of course since I liked it, they discontinued it so I have been reduced to pieces of tea bag wrappers and nail glue until I discovered:

Kiss Fix It Up! Silk Wrap Nail Repair Kit! - $14.99 -includes 12 pre-cut self-adhesive silk wraps; brush on glue; dipping powder; fan brush; and sanding block.

It's very easy to use: just apply the silk wrap, follow with the brush-on glue; while wet dip your nail in the dipping powder and brush off the excess with the fan brush, apply another layer of the glue and wait until completely dry, then buff the surface smooth and add polish - presto magic, tear is all better!

Available now at Lawtons, Familiprix and Pharmasave.

- Lisamarie -

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