March 7, 2017

imPRESS Press-On One-Step Gel Manicure - now new and improved!

imPRESS Press-On One-Step Gel Manicure - $9.99 - in over 40 colours and designs that contain 30 nails including 6 accents,  prep pad and a mini file - now featuring patented superhold dual-layer adhesive technology that has a double adhesive for maximum holding power: The pressure sensitive adhesive top layer is designed for optimal adhesion to the hard surface of the artificial nail; while the pressure sensitive adhesive bottom layer is designed for optimal adhesion to the natural nail, made with a softer, flexible gel adhesive that fills in the ridges and  imperfections of your natural nail. 

They are still just as easy to use, just peel and apply, no glue needed and when you are ready to take them off - they can be easily removed with no damage.
I took the Night Fever design for a whirl - I admit I cut them down quite a bit because I just can't function in life with long nails - but anyone who sees my nail swatch posts on a regular basis understands that for me, these are quite a bit longer then my natural nails normally are - and I have to say, they made me feel kinda fancy! The new adhesive made them a lot more durable then my last try with press-on, they all stayed put for 5 days - I'm sure they would have lasted even longer, they showed no signs of wanting to leave, I was just ready for a change!

Available now at Walmart, London Drugs and Jean Coutu.

- Lisamarie -

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