August 8, 2017

Keep your makeup brushes in fighting shape with The Brush Bar and Avon!

All smart beauty lovers know that drying brushes with the bristles pointing up is a no-no - water seeps into the ferrule and loosens the glue that holds the bristles together. Up until now, the only other option was laying brushes flat which comes with it's own challenges - misshapen bristles and long drying times. Fortunately, there is now a better choice:

The Brush Bar - $38 - a game-changing tool that solves all the frustrations of brush care thanks to a clever little case housing 10 brush prongs that flip out of the Brush Bar when opened. Each prong uses a spring action to hold the brushes vertically securely and come in 3 sizes: 2 large, 6 medium, and 2 small to fit all your brushes. For heavy or tapered brushes, they also include a pack of mini rubber bands to wrap around the hand so the brushes are secure. The case is weighted in the back with a stainless steel bar to counterbalance the weight of the brushes while the brushed finish helps to grip smooth surfaces. I like to use it on the side of my bathtub so any water dripping off goes in the tub and not on the floor. When finished, the whole thing folds right back up to slide easily into the included velour carrying case for storage and travel.
And for effective cleaning that keeps your hands clean and dry as you wash your bushes:

The Brush Board - $28 - includes 6 different textures to scrub between and around the bristles.
It's easy to use, just apply a brush cleanser and a splash of water before gently swirling brushes back and forth along the board’s surface. The different textures include: triangular prisms - 3 edges for a medium scrub; ridges - dual purpose scrubber and scraper; waves - for scrubbing and scraping; cylinders - for a gentle yet effective clean; pyramids - 4 edges and a point for the deepest clean; and cones - for deep cleaning that double as a bristle comb to separate bristles for quick drying.

Available now at - and if you order both there is a special deal for $55! 
Or if you need to switch colours, use the same brush and don't have time to wash it - it's easy to switch shades without switching brushes thanks to:

Avon Brush Cleaner in Tin - $12 - removes powder pigments from your brushes in between washes by sweeping the brush over the dry sponge until pigment is removed so you can move on to a new shade with no muddy colours!

Available from your Avon rep - 1-800-265-AVON or online at

- Lisamarie -

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