October 26, 2017

Soak away your troubles with Live Clean Aromatherapy Foam Bath!

As winter makes it's way ever closer I try to turn my thoughts to the positive parts of cold weather like hot baths full of wonderfully smelling bubbles - like those from:

Live Clean Aromatherapy Foam Bath - 750ml - $8.99 - in 3 scents:  Tropical Coconut - blends certified organic coconut and citrus botanicals with vitamin E and chamomile for a rich, foaming bath;
Fresh Water - in an original scent blended with vitamin E and plant derived moisturizers for a deeply hydrating bath;
and Lavender Vanilla - blends certified organic lavender and vanilla extracts in a rich, naturally foaming formulation that promotes deep relaxation - this one is my favourite and is the perfect thing to add to your pre-bedtime bath if you want to sleep like a baby!

All are made with 98% plant and natural based ingredients and have the eco-friendly formulas that we love Live Clean for including all the things we are happy not to find in their products like phosphates, dyes, silicone, petralatum, parabens and phthalate.

Available now at Walmart stores across Canada, Sobeys Ontario and online at walmart.ca and well.ca.

- Lisamarie -

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