April 11, 2018

This week I'm obsessed with... Lierac Sébologie Imperfections Correction Localized Concentrate!

Lierac Sébologie Imperfections Correction Localized Concentrate - 15ml - $27 - a two-phase textured concentrate that reduces the appearance of localized imperfections of acne-prone skin including sebum, dilated pores and residual marks. 

Its formula works thanks to several active ingredients inspired by the resurfacing technique:
zinc gluconate - works on the shine and dilated pores;
salicylic acid - works on the spots and residual marks;
azelaic acid - works on the spots.
and contains two distinct phases to maximize the synergistic efficacy of each.

This isn't your usual spot treatment - it is dual-phase but don't shake it! Instead, take a q-tip and insert into the bottle until it touches the powder at the bottom and apply that to affected areas - it leaves a powder residue on the skin so you will only want to use it at night. And not only is it great on blemishes and marks that already exist - it's a wonder product when you use it on places where you can feel something about to pop up - get it early enough and it keeps the blemish from ever appearing or at the worst, comes and goes very quickly!

I don't have overly acne-prone skin so this is the only product from the line I use on a regular basis but if you need more - there are a couple of other products available in the Sebologie line: Imperfections Correction Regulating Gel - 40ml - $40 - that you used twice daily all over the face and Imperfections Correction Keratolytic Solution - 100ml - $35 - applied at night with a cotton pad and not rinsed off.

Available now at drugstores across Canada and online at lierac.ca.  

- Lisamarie -

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