October 2, 2010

Dalton Cosmetics - innovative products for challenging issues!

Is there anything better then discovering a wonderful new beauty brand that you've never heard of before?!  It's like putting on a jacket that you haven't worn for awhile and finding a twenty dollar bill in the pocket!  My newest discovery, thanks to the Shopping Channel is Dalton Cosmetics.  Founded by Dr. Doris Dalton who when she couldn't find a natural looking and long lasting product for her eyebrows that she lost while battling thyroid cancer,  did the logical thing and developed her own.  Not only does she correct issues with product performance in her line, but also packaging design flaws as she did with her Fresh Coat Mascara, the first airless mascara - with a dual-chamber design that keeps air out of the tube so it doesn't dry out.

The line is based on genuine necessity, reflecting issues her and other makeup addicts come across daily - and bless her for that!  Here are a few of the products in her line:

Fresh Coat Tinted Primer with SPF 20 - $32 - an oil-free formula that eliminates skin imperfections, colour corrects and nourishes your skin.  Can be worn under makeup or by itself.  Has a silicone polymer blend that smoothes away lines and wrinkles and makes pores disappear.  Contains colour correcting pigments to help even skin tone and reduce the look of skin discolouration and redness.  Enriched with a powerful anti-oxidant composition including Japanese green tea, grape seed extract, vitamin C & E to combat the signs of aging while promoting cell health and elasticity.

Don't be scared by how dark the product looks, even on a pale face like me, it disappears and does really does a nice job of evening out your complexion.  This would be great on its own if you have nice skin but if you have major flaws to cover, you will want to use this as a primer with your foundation on top.

Mirage Blending Powder - $42 - a lightweight, finely micronized powder that will not cake or lay in lines or wrinkles - the powder softly blurs or blends away any makeup mistakes, redness or minor imperfections as well as sets and perfects your makeup application.  It helps to even out and smooth the appearance of your skin's texture and minimize the look of pores leaving you looking flawless.

I have much love for my Make Up For Ever HD Powder and it's the powder that I always compare others to.  This Dalton one has the same soft silky finish but it's a natural colour unlike the white colour of MUFE which makes it much easier to apply.  You know how you have to blend the hell out of the MUFE one or it leaves a whitish cast on your skin?  Dalton doesn't have that issue and it gives you the same airbrushed look.  MUFE had better watch out, I just may have a new fave!  What is also nice is that it comes with a specially designed Face Form Brush which has been laser cut to hug the natural curves of your face.
Deep Line and Crease Diffuser - $31 - to hide and conceal unwanted expression lines as well as blemishes, age spots, freckles, redness, discolouration and uneven skin tone.  Contains Dermaflex, a unique combination of ingredients that are designed to flex and move with your skin while providing high diffused reflection that dramatically reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.  As well as a superior refractive index that improves the appearance of clarity in the skin.  Combined with Hyluronic spheres that help to retain your skins moisture and special amino acid treated pigments that help to improve the longevity of colour and coverage.

It's not mentioned as a place to use it, but I have been using this under my eyes to get rid of the tired look I have had lately and the reflecting properties do a great job of combating that little problem too!

You can check out the Dalton Cosmetics line at www.theshoppingchannel.com.

- Lisamarie -

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  1. Don't know this brand ( once again we don't have it in France :( ).
    It looks great!
    Thx for sharing :)


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