October 20, 2010

Erin the soap guy lathers up with Olay Body Sheer Moisture Ribbons with Mandarin Oil Moisturizing Bar!

Sometimes we come across products that are just so girly that we have no one to test them out. Since Christelle is more like a guy and even I have my limits, I knew it was time to bring someone else on board to test out the really feminine stuff.  Please meet Erin the Bath Guy.  Erin is a lawyer, who likes sports, women, beer, women, stupid movies and women.  To talk to him you would think he was some manly dude all into sports and leering at women but in the privacy of his bathroom he turns into a big gooey girl who's greatest joys in life are bubble baths and smelly soaps!
His first testing mission was the Olay Body Sheer Moisture Ribbons with Mandarine Oil Moisturizing Bar - 4 x 120g - $6.49 - some of the ingredients it includes to soften his lizard like skin include: glycerin, mineral oil, mandarin orange peel oil, grape seed extract and babusa vulgaris shoot extract.

Here's what Erin thinks of it in his own words:

"I have been using the bar for a couple of weeks now and absolutely love it.  The scent is awesome and leaves a hint of this very clean smell on me all day.  The soap lathers up like crazy and rinses away without leaving any greasy feeling.  A perfect combination.  I would be happy to sample many more versions of this product for sure.  The most significant benefit is that since I have been using it, this hot EA in my office can’t keep her hands off me!!!"

From the last part you can tell that he obviously has serious delusions but I can attest to the fact that his general smell is much improved since he took up with this soap!

If you are more of a body wash girl (or guy), you can also find this scent in a wash - 295ml - $5.99. 

Please give Erin some love and you can look forward to another contribution from him in a couple of weeks!

- Lisamarie & Erin -


  1. These sounds lovely but I'm pretty sure we don't have them in the UK - yet!
    Kat x
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