October 15, 2010

Olay Regenerist introduces new products soon to be sold out in a store near you!

Do you remember the Olay Regenerist Micro Sculpting Night Cream that came out a couple of years ago that was impossible to get your hands on because always sold out?!  Building on its success, Olay has added a serum and a cleanser to the line:
Olay Regenerist Micro Sculpting Serum - 50ml - $39.99 - a super concentrated serum which contains Olay's hightest level of amino-peptide - it helps to visibly improve the appearance of skin across the face and neck for firmer-looking skin after five days - suitable for all skin types.  The best part of this serum is the way it feels on the skin - it's super silky!  Combined with the massage technique I've laid out for you below, my skin really does feel softer and look better!

Olay Regenerist Micro-Purifying Foaming Cleanser - 200ml - $14.99 - if you want a deep cleanser then you've come to the right place:  this one is meant to purify the skin for an ideal clean and to help prepare skin for Regenerist moisturizers and treatments. This did a great job of removing my face makeup which is unusual for a foaming cleanser so I'm on board with this one!

We were excited to be invited to an event last month for the launch of the new Olay Regenerist Micro Sculpting Serum.  The highlight of it for me was watching the demo by celebrity facialist Anastasia Achilleos as she showed us her three step massage routine.  Anastasia informed us that our skin is begging us to be touched and that most people just slap on skin products touching our skin in the process as little as possible. After trying her technique for a week, I have to admit that I could see a visible difference in how much more alive my skin looked.  It makes sense, massage is good for circulation and having good circulation makes your skin look better!  Facial massage is now a regular part of my routine, no matter what product I use it with!

Here is Anastasia's three step massage routine, I highly recommend you try it!

Step 1: TAP
- Pump two doses of Olay Regenerist Micro Sculpting Serum onto your fingertips.
- Warm gently using circular movements and then, to a thoroughly cleansed and dried face, apply to the forehead and tap firmly over the entire area.
- Then move your fingers to the eye contour area and pat the serum in a full circular motion. Now move fingertips up to the bridge of the nose, across to the cheeks and out to the ears - tapping firmly as you go.
- Move across to the lips and then down to the chin - tapping all the time.
- Finally cross hands over and pat the serum onto your neck and decolletage.

Step 2: PRESS
- Repeat the pattern across your face starting at the forehead but this time gently press and hold for 3 seconds - allowing the skin to absorb the serum.
- Move to the eye area and repeat the press and hold pattern, then to the cheeks - and then finally move hands to the important aging zone - the decolletage - and press and hold while you count to 3.

Step 3: SWEEP
- Apply and warm one further pump of serum to your fingertips and place them on your forehead.
- With circular movements, sweep upwards on the forehead and then sweep around the entire eye area, holding on the areas where fine lines are a concern.
- then move up to the bridge of the nose and down to the mouth. At your chin, cross hands over and sweep out towards the back of the neck and then forward across the decolletage and down as far as the breast bone.

- Lisamarie -


  1. I'm excited about the Olay serum! I found the Regenerist Micro Sculpting cream was too heavy for me.

  2. Anastasia Achilleos also raves about Kuush and I find Kuush cleansers totally amazing.


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