October 2, 2010

Clothes You Don't Need to Unfold (or Buy): Martin Margiela's Bizarre Spring Collection is Here!

I'd buy anything that doesn't need to be ironed or unfold - or so I thought - until I reviewed Martin Margiela's spring runway. I know it's supposed to be avant-garde and stuff... but seriously, who would want to wear this? Apart from Lady Gaga? Yeah... exactly my thoughts: no-one!

Why would you want to unfold this, anyway? Leave this at the store!
pictures: imaxtree



  1. LOL what is the point of shows/collections like this? :|

  2. Looooool
    The pants is excelent XD

  3. There is no point - it's not beautiful, it's not wearable...but it makes great blog posts!



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