October 22, 2010

Who said blondes have all the fun? Redheads rule!

Christina Hendricks seems to be everywhere these days - did you know that she even has her own Barbie?!  That's when you know that you've made it! 

I feel a special kinship with Christina my fellow ginger with super pale skin.  The problem with being a redhead - it's especially hard to pull off a perfect, polished makeup look - wear too little and your features fade away, wear too much and it looks Halloweenish. 

Celebrity makeup artist Rachel Goodwin has great tips and tricks for redheads posted at Elle.com that you can find here

Check out the photo gallery of other redheads of note - I'm in great company!  The rest of you will be so envious that you'll be running for the dye box!

 - Lisamarie -


  1. i think redheads are gorgeous and i secretly wish i were one :)

  2. Gingers unite! Haha! I love Christina, but word on the street is that she's a faker and has been dying it red for years! I love being a redhead, I'm just bummed John Freida is scaling back it's Radiant Red range...gingerists!!

    Kat x
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