April 9, 2011

Colour Safe Shampoos and Conditioners from Sebastian, Colure True, Senscience, L'Oréal and Pantene!

I never really realized the difference it made to how vibrant my hair colour would stay using products especially meant for coloured hair until I actually tried them and saw the difference myself!  Being a redhead, my colour is especially prone to fading which makes it even more important to use the right product!  Here's the best of what I've tried in the last few months:

Sebastian Color Ignite Single Tone Shampoo - 250ml - $14.95 - cleanses colour treated hair and seals the cuticle layer for long lasting colour vibrancy. Specially designed for single tone colour treated hair Color Ignite Single Tone Conditioner -189g - $15.95 - the whipped foam gives effective spreadibility across all hair fibers to condition and seal the cuticle layer for long lasting colour vibrancy and shine. With pomegranate extract.

This is a new product from Sebastian that was really interesting to me because of the conditioner being a foam! It took me a few tries to get the amount I needed to use of it right as it feels so light, I was tempted to use a lot but it really isn't necessary.  I didn't believe that a light foam would do a decent job conditioning but it really does make my hair smooth and soft, and the bonus for me, because I have fine hair was it didn't weigh my hair down, which made my hair feel very bouncy! I ended up testing this one for a longer time span then I normally would just to make sure it really was good and I wasn't just being taken in by the novelty of it and I can assure you, it rocks!

Also available in a multi-tone formula and they are available at salons - go to www.sebastianprofessional.com to find one near you.

Colure True Color Care Body Volume Shampoo - 250ml - $25 - sulfate free, gentle, non-stripping cleanser which is pH balanced or colour treated hair. Enriched with organic botanicals and delivers natural fullness without hair dry-out for cleansing, body, volume, extreme lighweight hydration, detangle, UV & thermal protection, strengthen and shine all in one. Body Volume Conditioner - 250ml - $25 - luxurious daily conditioner enriched with organic botanicals strengthens hair to create fullness while infusing multi-weight proteins, lightweight moisture and superior shine. Multifunctional properties of color longevity formula, extreme lightweight moisture, body, volume, detangle, UV & thermal protection, rebuild and strengthen, shine, colour pre-treatment and restorative deep treatment all in one.

The shampoo has a great lather and my hair feels clean after using but not overly so.  I really like that this one is a combo colour/body product so it makes my hair feel like it has more bounce too! The smell is fresh and botanical but not overpoweringly so.  Available online at: http://www.colurehaircare.com/store

Senscience True Hue Shampoo for colour-treated hair - 300ml - $12.10 - gently cleanses hair while protecting haircolour from fading. preserves colour vibrancy by over 98% True Hue Conditioner for colour-treated hair - 300ml - $14.50 - gently moisturizes hair while improving manageability and elasticity. Preserves colour vibrancy by over 98%.  Both are sulfate free.

These were both winners for being so gentle.  You know how some shampoos feel like they are totally stripping your hair and then the conditioner feels like it is gunking it back up?  Total opposite feeling here - they clean and moisturize just enough and it doesn't hurt that they smell wonderfully fresh! Available exclusively at salons - check out their website to find one near you: www.senscience.com

If you are on a haircare budget, there are still great choices in the drugstore aisle!  These are my faves:

L'Oréal Hair Expertise Color Radiance Shampoo and Conditioner - 385ml - $5.99 - protects hair to leave it nourished, softer and shinier while colour is visibly prolonged.  Has a innovative UV filter that works on 2 levels: to nourish the hair and transform its surface - hair feels silky to the touch; and to protect the hair fibre from external aggressions and accentuate your colour's radiance.

From their new line and really great for making my hair feel clean and soft! Available for dry or normal hair.

Pantene Colour Preserve Volume Shampoo and Conditioner - 375ml - $5.99 - features light moisturizers that build a protective layer and prep your hair for a volume style.  this helps renew hair surface so your hair shines brilliantly and hair achieves healthy-looking fullness.

Tried and true you have to love Pantene!  And if they bottled the Pantene scent,  I would wear it as a perfume!

- Lisamarie -


  1. I would wear the scent of Pantene's Naturefusion Smooth Vitality as a perfume as well...love!

  2. the sebastian conditioner sounds interesting =D

    it's so hard to find a shampoo/ conditioner that offers volume too~ so i might have to check out the colure one... but $50... ouch...


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